The Types of Shoes You Should Know

Have you ever gotten hurt because wearing the wrong shoes for mountain climbing you take part in? Actually, there are a lot of types of shoes which are for different types of sport. Each type will be suitable for the activity the people join in and protect their feet from getting wounded. For example, if you want to have a wonderful hiking trip, the best hiking shoes for men are a perfect partner. Meanwhile, if you have to compete in a running race, the best running shoes are essential absolutely.

Therefore, before you decide to buy any shoes, you should understand clearly about the type of shoes you need to choose the fittest ones. In this post, there are some types of the shoes for mountain climbing you should consider carefully.

The people who are professional in mountaineering often classify the shoes from the light to the heavy, from class A to D. Of course, the understandings about the shoes will help you to choose the right ones for yourself.

  • Sandal (Class A)

This type was used much in the past and very convenient, airy and light. However, because they are open, people can use them in the simple terrains only. When you buy this type, you should buy the light one with the soft straps, especially, the behind straps will not rub your heel when you walk. However, you should not wear the sandal if you travel in the forest but you still bring them as a subbing pair of shoes.

  • The shoes used in the path: Trail running shoes/ Cross Trainers/ Adventure Racing shoes (Class A)

Actually, they are the running shoes but added some features which are suitable for the paths and the bumpy roads. They have more toe pads and more durable soles to be fit to the more difficult using conditions.

  • Hiking shoes/ Approach shoes / Trail boots/ Light boots (Class A-B):

This type began to be classified as the specialized walking shoes but just used in the available walking paths with few difficulties. Their material may be the suede, nylon or lightweight fabric. They are soft and easy to bend. Many shoes have the load bearing belts to protect the feet and ankles but they are not higher than the ankles. Some other types are designed particularly with the waterproof and also to prevent the gravels from falling into the shoes.

  • Walking shoes (Class B): Cross Hikers/ Mid-weight Boots

They are similar to the normal walking shoes for women but used in the more difficult terrains. They are also used for the long walk so they are made from the suede material or other firm materials. The soles are harder to protect the feet well. Although that the shoes are higher than the ankles may make you uncomfortable, they can protect your feet very well.

  • Off-trail boots / Heavy boots (Class C):

People often use these types in the difficult terrains. They have some special designs to protect the feet such as the reinforced uppers, the firm and wide soles, and the load bearing parts. The inside of the shoes is often made from the special material to keep airy and prevent the water from pervading. These shoes are harder and heavier than the others.

  • Mountaineering boots (Class D)

These shoes are designed with the spikes in the shoes’ uppers. Sometimes, they also have some plastic loops around the ankles to protect them like the ski boots. They are suitable for mountain climbing at the icy places but not really convenient for hiking.

In conclusion, to get the right shoes for the activities you join in, you need to understand them clearly. Remember that the more you understand, the better you can gain.

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