10 Famous Places For Hunting Travel In USA

At the end of summer, the beginning of autumn and during winter, millions of hunter all over the United States America come to mountains and plains, hills and valleys, rivers and huge lakes to start their safaris that is called “wild game”. Bird hunters look for wild birds such as duck, turkeys, pheasants, quails; while large mammal hunters expect elk, deer and antelope. Are you wondering to find the fine places for your best hunting season? We have a recommendation about 10 famous places for hunting travel in America that you should know before the beginning of autumn. Get ready and pick up your best hunting rifle for the following successful hunting season.

1. Wyoming


Wyoming is one of the Western states in America where hunting custom attached to culture and life of people here. Wyoming have the most sparsely population in America, but there is a rich source of wild animals with many species, with bison which is well-known as a symbol of Wyoming.

2. Colorado


Colorado is a large state where attract hunter for Bighorn sheep, they almost live in flanks. You also could search elk or moose in stagnant water areas or meadows. The nature is absolutely wonder, you should see the Glenwood defile, Independence Pass and Twin Lakes (Aspen) during the hunting trip.

3. Central Valley of California

Central Valley of California

Waterfowl is the favorite of many bird hunters, and the Central Valley of California supply more wintering waterfowl more than any states else can in all North America. According to the statistics, there maybe are 5-7 millions one. What you can expect are good topographic, favorable weather and an enthusiastic club.

4. Rapid city, South Dakota

Rapid city

Gorgeous Black Hills regions of South Dakota support opportunities nearly year-round. Walking around the mountain will put you into whitetail, mule deer, elk, and turkey. Or you can choose a flatter easier terrain: grassland with coyotes and pronghorns.

5. Harrisburg, Illinois


You must been hear that Shawnee National Forest is always famous for whitetail. However, the area is also known as home of waterfowls, turkeys and many rare birds.

6. Kentucky


Kentucky earn the number one in the list of top 10 places to hunt whitetail in US by the fact that it ranks second to India in harvesting Booner. But the hot-spot is that sate seems have it all: nice topography with large grassland, long seasons, big, healthy herds, reasonable regulations and friendly professional club.

7. Hill Country, Texas

Hill Country

The state is heavens of deer where you can see them at almost every part. Hill Country deer size are on the average, but it make up 50% population in Texas and almost hunter earn their own success here.

8. Apalachicola National Forest, Florida

Apalachicola National Forest

What we knew about Florida always is hot beaches; however, this wildlife management area will definitely change your mind. Popular sport hunting in Florida is rifle and bow, so if it is your kind, the forest is perfect place for you to put yourself in deer while losing in nature.

9. New York City Watershed Lands

New York City

How can you find out a place to hunt when you live in a busy city like New York? Here is the answer. New York City Watershed Lands is one of a few places that offer deer, turkey, bear and some small hunting games. Make sure that you have hunting license because it is state land which is put under the management of The New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).

10. The Green Mountain National Forest, Vermont

The Green Mountain National Forest

You have bear and deer on the hunter’s menu here. Moose, turkey, and game birds are also available if you are looking for something new. The advantages of the National Forest are rescue and full equipment in necessary case.

These short introductions are only a small part of the amazing things to say about those famous destinations. As you see, from the West to the East, the great nation is always welcome hunter, like their ancestor. You should start your preparation now; fulfill your luggage with legal license, medicine, rifle and your mind with regulations to have success in this season.

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